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Partnerships 101: Account Mapping. How to (Finally) Do It Without Giant, Cumbersome Spreadsheets
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The Most Common Partnership KPIs (According to Company Size and Maturity)

You’re just about to get your partnership program off the ground, and the KPI you’re held most accountable for is “new partnerships created.” 

Olivia Ramirez
By Olivia Ramirez
March 29, 2021

Your Slack Connect Channels: Now Powered by Crossbeam

You need your ecosystem data where it's most useful for you and your team.

Sean Blanda
By Sean Blanda
March 24, 2021

3 Partnerships Team Org Charts (So You Can Plan Ahead for Your Team’s Growth)

You know you need a partner manager, a partner marketing manager, and a partner operations manager to help you bring your partnerships strategy to life — but where should those roles sit in your...

Olivia Ramirez
By Olivia Ramirez
March 18, 2021

Democratize Partner Insights with Crossbeam’s Chrome Extension

Your sales team is growing curious about how partners can help them break into their most strategic accounts — but when you’re fielding requests from multiple sales reps, it’s time consuming to...

Jasmine Jenkins
By Jasmine Jenkins
March 16, 2021

10 Facts You Oughta Know if You Work in B2B Partnerships

If you’ve kept up with our blog so far, you’ve likely read a deep dive or two on topics like the co-marketing flip, the bow-tie funnel, or Google and HubSpot’s GTM strategy, to name a few. But,...

Olivia Ramirez
By Olivia Ramirez
March 11, 2021

Building a B2B Network: Crossbeam’s Data and Learnings So Far

It’s been two years since we launched Crossbeam, and no two days have been alike. But nothing has been more exciting than watching a network graph take form before our very eyes.

Bob Moore
By Bob Moore
March 9, 2021