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20 Integrations and Chrome Extensions for Partner Managers
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Okta Can Partner With Anyone. Here's How They Choose.

Is there any SaaS company more poised for the Era of the Ecosystem than Okta?

Sean Blanda
By Sean Blanda
December 1, 2020

How Amir Karmali Resurrected 40 Partners to Rebuild Marketcircle's Partnerships Program

If you’ve just joined a tech company as their new Head of Partnerships, congrats! 

Olivia Ramirez
By Olivia Ramirez
November 24, 2020

The Partner Tiers Cheat Sheet: Benefits, Drawbacks, and Checklists

If you’re thinking about developing partner tiers, we’re all for it. 

Olivia Ramirez
By Olivia Ramirez
November 19, 2020

The Anatomy of a Killer SaaS Partner Newsletter (Plus Examples)

Great to see you (or have you back) at the Crossbeam Art Museum, where we showcase the finest masterpieces in SaaS partner ecosystems. 

Jasmine Jenkins
By Jasmine Jenkins
November 17, 2020

Build Affective and Cognitive Trust to Bond With Your Remote Team. Here’s How.

You can’t be a successful partnership professional if you can’t connect with people. The ability to communicate, build trust, and collaborate well with others practically comes with the job...

Jasmine Jenkins
By Jasmine Jenkins
November 10, 2020

You Should Train Your Sales Team to be Tech Stack Experts

Your sales team carries a lot on its shoulders. Not only do sales reps have to know the product they’re selling, they also need to become tech problem solvers — keeping up with the SaaS industry...

Olivia Ramirez
By Olivia Ramirez
November 9, 2020