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Don't Fall Behind: Get Your Partner Data in Your Data Warehouse
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9 Micro Co-Marketing Motions for Warming Up a Partnership

Scenario A: You’re hesitant to partner because you’re about to launch three other go-to-market campaigns. You’re just not sure you can handle another right now. 

Olivia Ramirez
By Olivia Ramirez
January 29, 2021

The "State of the Partner Ecosystem" Report is Now Available

Last year we published our first-ever State of the Partner Ecosystem Report, the first-of-its-kind survey of partnership professionals.

Sean Blanda
By Sean Blanda
January 28, 2021

Ecosystem Ops 101: 6 Ways to Drive Efficiency and Maximize the ROI of Your Partner Program

You’re turning EQLs into MQLs into SQLs — and, no doubt about it, they’re generating partner-sourced revenue.

Olivia Ramirez
By Olivia Ramirez
January 21, 2021

SaaS Reseller Partnerships: What They Are & How They Work

Note: This is the latest in our Partnerships 101 series. You can read the other entries here.

Look around and you’ll recognize everyday examples of reseller partnerships, from the grocery chain...

Jasmine Jenkins
By Jasmine Jenkins
January 19, 2021

Your Partner Vetting Checklist: 7 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Signing an Agreement

You’ve got an inbox full of partnership inquiries (Woohoo!). But, wait, why are your palms so sweaty? Maybe you’re thinking of all the work developing 20 partnerships at once requires, or maybe...

Olivia Ramirez
By Olivia Ramirez
January 14, 2021

Standout Traits for a Great Partner Case Study (With Examples)

It’s no surprise that partner case studies are a wee bit of a struggle to produce. Getting your customers to agree to a case study is one thing; getting your customer and your partner to agree to...

Olivia Ramirez
By Olivia Ramirez
January 7, 2021