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How to Partner With Me: Intercom's Tara Larson
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Partner Maturity is Coming (a Lesson From Design and Sales)

Do you remember when everyone who moved pixels on a screen was a “web designer”? 

Sean Blanda
By Sean Blanda
January 14, 2020

“The Ecosystem is Exploding”: How HubSpot Approaches Integrations

If you drew a network graph of the integration partner ecosystem, a ton of nodes would connect to HubSpot. One of the 800-pound gorillas in SaaS, HubSpot has more than 300 tech partners and is an...

Sean Blanda
By Sean Blanda
January 7, 2020

9 Partnership Predictions for 2020

We’re in the Era of the Ecosystem, and things are changing quickly. It can be hard to know where partnerships and the partner manager role is headed. In the lead up to the new year and our State...

Sean Blanda
By Sean Blanda
December 23, 2019

My $2.6 Billion Ecosystem Fail: an RJMetrics Post Mortem

This June, a headline flashed across my phone and I knew one of my most serious business missteps had finally been finalized: Google had purchased Looker for $2.6 Billion.

Bob Moore
By Bob Moore
December 9, 2019

Sunir Shah: The Channel is Dead, Long Live the Channel

Sunir Shah is the founder of AppBind, a tool for agencies and resellers to manage all of their SaaS subscriptions—he's also a bit of a historian of the software world.

Sean Blanda
By Sean Blanda
December 3, 2019

You’re the First (And Only) Partner Manager at Your Company. Now What?

Being the first partner manager at a company is a bit like being the new kid at high school. You have to wander the metaphorical cafeteria and figure out who is willing to team up and who isn’t...

Sean Blanda
By Sean Blanda
November 26, 2019