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Crossbeam Launches Self-Serve Onboarding and Freemium Pricing

Feed the network. That simple sentence -- one of the core values of our business here at Crossbeam -- has been top-of-mind for us in recent months.

Since our launch in January, we’ve seen firsthand that using Crossbeam can make partnerships more successful, their outputs more scalable, and their benefits more measurable. Most importantly, we’ve seen that when our network grows so does the value we create.

This virtuous cycle has given us a sense of extreme focus: Eliminate obstacles that prevent new clients from joining. Speed up time-to-value. Encourage our customers to invite their partners. In other words, live up to our values and put the network first.

Today, we’re pleased to share that we’ve released a wave of new features and functionality that serve these goals and make it easier than ever to use Crossbeam.


Self-Serve Onboarding

When we launched Crossbeam, every implementation was a custom experience. Our early team would swoop in, get each data connection up and running, define populations based on our users’ requests, link up their partnerships, and configure data sharing rules.

Over the past several weeks, we’ve rolled out functionality that streamlines every step of that process and puts the full power of onboarding into the hands of our end users.

Here’s what’s new:

  • Data connections can now be self-managed in the product, meaning you can now connect to your CRM system or other sources of truth in just a few clicks. In the case of Salesforce and CSVs, a series of new automations have improved the usability and transparency of how data flows into the system.
  • Our population builder now allows you to build advanced filtering rules, preview result sets as you build, and see predictive search results when restricting field values.
  • Partnerships are now fully product-driven, including sending and accepting unlimited invitations, controlling population visibility, and building data sharing rules.
  • A helpful onboarding guide steps new users through each stage of the onboarding process. (There’s lots more to come in this area!)

How does this impact our onboarding process? The results have been staggering. The chart below shows the average onboarding time for new customers by quarter (in days).


Since Q4, we’ve lowered the average onboarding time from over 120 days to less than 7. The average time to connect data has dropped to 15 minutes! Over time, our goal is to drop the onboarding total time to under one hour, and we see a clear path to getting there.


Freemium Pricing

After onboarding our first wave of clients, it became clear that most of the Crossbeam product should be free. So, starting now, those parts are free.

Companies can now join Crossbeam, connect their data, set up populations, add unlimited partners, view high-level overlap statistics, and share their data with partners at no charge as part of our Free tier. When you're ready to access the raw data your partners share with you, simply upgrade to an Enterprise subscription for access.



We expect that most companies joining Crossbeam will start out on the free tier. This important stage of the Crossbeam experience is all about discovery and gaining confidence in the value we create.

This also allows you to invite your partners without asking them to pay for our product. It’s completely free and meets the same high degree of security and compliance standards as our enterprise tier. Again, sharing data between you and your partner companies is completely free. Partners only need to pay when they are ready to access the data being shared with them.

If you’re interested in learning more about an enterprise subscription, you can fill out this form or email sales@getcrossbeam.com.


Customer Success

In addition to adding the convenience of self-serve, we’ve also doubled down on how our team helps you succeed on our platform. At the end of the day, Customer Success is about people.

Last month, we welcomed Elaine Christie to our team. Our first Customer Success Manager, Elaine is obsessed with creating value for our customers. She’ll be a resource for all post-signup users, including those who are onboarding and those using the product day-to-day.

You can email support@getcrossbeam.com at any time to reach Elaine. For those who prefer Slack over email, you can now also set up a free shared Slack channel with our Customer Success and Product teams. Just drop us a note with your Slack subdomain and the email address of your company’s Slack admin to get it set up.


The End Result

Our vision is to transform the way all companies partner by building and leading an invaluable new class of software.

These releases are major steps in making that vision a reality, and we’re just getting started. If you were ever interested in giving Crossbeam a try, now is a better time than ever. Sign up now and see these new benefits firsthand.