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How to Approach an Unequal SaaS Partnership (Without Being a Jerk or a Pushover)
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Navigating Partnership Ecosystems: Channel, Tech, & Strategic

Much like your friend that just got out of a five-year relationship, it seems that the partnership industry is evolving and very much in a “I’m finding myself” phase. Because of this, the lines...

Jasmine Jenkins
By Jasmine Jenkins
October 1, 2020

Monetize Your Technology Partnerships With These 8 Tactics

As the number of SaaS companies has continued to skyrocket, integrations have become increasingly important to the user experience. A study of the 1000 fastest growing SaaS companies revealed such...

Kelly Sarabyn
By Kelly Sarabyn
September 29, 2020

The Beginner's Guide to SaaS Tech Partnerships

Consider how effortless it is to play Spotify’s music on an Amazon Alexa. It doesn’t take a series of manual steps, just a simple voice command. Your time to value is seconds… literally just a...

Jasmine Jenkins
By Jasmine Jenkins
September 18, 2020

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Channel Partnerships

Your SaaS company is growing steadily, yet there’s one pesky problem that keeps you up at night: How can you continue to scale that growth with your existing teams and resources? 

Jasmine Jenkins
By Jasmine Jenkins
September 8, 2020

Partnerships 101: ISVs, VARs, SIs, MSPs, and the Glue that Holds them Together

Note: this is the latest in our Partnerships 101 series. You can read the others below:

Olivia Ramirez
By Olivia Ramirez
September 3, 2020

Partnerships 101: What Is a Strategic Alliance, and Why Do I Need One?

When Atlassian announced in July 2018 that they were joining forces with Slack as part of a strategic alliance, the news rattled the SaaS world.

Kieran Tie
By Kieran Tie
July 7, 2020